Bali Carpenter


Product Specifications


Material Used:

  1. Square bingkirai post
  2. Round coconut post (ΓΈ . 19-20cm)
  3. Bengkirai wood structure and flooring
  4. Thatched roof and wooden roof available
  5. Anti termites treatment for all wood
  6. Anti scretch and water resistance finishing

Term of Production:

  • For 1 Gazebo.., between 1 until 2 weeks
  • For 1 Bungalow.., between 2 until 3 weeks
  • For 1 House.., between 1.5 until 2 month
  • -depending on size, material availability and on your specifications.


Our clients are mostly Real Estate Developers, Hotels and private house owners. Our artistic & fancy products such as the famous "Bale Bali" are known and used world wide.


One of the first class wooden building material. Mostly our products use this kind of wood for its strength and suitable for all season as well as 50 years durable.

Bali Carpenter

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